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Philip Hoet: Eyes meet Art

Philip designs glasses; his partner Fanny and his son Mathis design scarves and accessories. Independently of their parents, the sons are also involved in designing tables, photography and art.
The Hoet family are an artistic bunch, which is something you will notice as soon as you step inside ‘Philip Hoet’ opticians.

Philip Hoet is more than just the owner of this delightful business. For many years, the collection that bears his name has also been the eyewear of choice for the discerning consumer who requires that little bit more than just ‘a pair of glasses’.
If you want to wear a real work of wearable art, you need to call on ‘Philip Hoet’.

Philip himself is the son of a well-known Ghent optician.
The world of design and lenses were what gave the creator the greatest sense of fulfilment. Nonetheless, Hoet was drawn to the idea of a comprehensive package: setting up a fashion show, designing an exhibition stand and even designing his own collection of glasses. Philip gave every creative process his own original twist.

His first collection was sparked off by an Antwerp diamond business that asked him to follow up their first optics collection.
But Philip himself was an innovative designer and decided to create the collection personally.
The synthetic material Philip used to design his first collection has remained a constant feature, from the very beginnings until today.
The proportions, accents and story behind the collection: everything has to be just right.

Philip has always designed for his own label, ‘Philip Hoet’. He designs the blanks, which are then manufactured by a small studio in Italy.
To create the frames, he works with a small studio in the Jura region of France, which is renowned for its expertise in the craft.

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The frames are never flat, but always sculpted, meaning that a considerable amount of material is required to make them.
Every millimetre is top priority in the design, because these minute details are what determine the glasses’ fit and balance. It is because Hoet stays faithful to the pure craftsmanship of the process that his collection has that special touch of “Hoet DNA”.

Inspired by Palma, the magnificent capital of Mallorca where Philip lived and worked with his family for several years, he founded a business in Antwerp that would be a home for his soul, just as Palma is. The most important thing was not fame or fortune but the beauty of the object.
This idea came into being in the form of the beautiful shop and the eponymous brand, ‘Philip Hoet.’

Enchanted by an authentic mansion on the Vlaamse Kaai, the Hoet family founded their optician’s shop four years ago in the former art gallery on the ground floor.
They deliberately chose glasses designed by small studios without logos. Experimental and innovative thinking, as well as the idea of small workshops, took priority.

The collection is currently sold in around thirty shops in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. What makes Philip’s own shop so attractive are the works of art by his sons and the gorgeous accessories created by his partner Fanny, which exude a unique atmosphere of warmth.

These creative surroundings are what attract everyone who walks through the door of Optiek Hoet. So perhaps it will come as no surprise that the strapline of the man, the creator and the optician Philip Hoet is 'Eyes meet Art'.
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Tel. +32 3 216 01 22 - Fax. +32 3 216 07 25
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